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Can You Use a Hob Scraper on an Induction Hob?

Induction hobs are a fantastic addition to any modern kitchen.  They're sleek, efficient, and relatively easy to clean. But what about those stubborn burnt-on messes? 

But even the smoothest glass surface can fall victim to burnt-on spills and stubborn food residue. This is where a hob scraper comes in.

Be sure to check out out guide on how to use a hob scraper for the best tips on keeping your cooker sparkling.


What is a Hob Scraper?

Cleaning an induction hob using an oven scraper


A hob scraper (or oven scraper, as they are sometimes known) is a specialised cleaning tool designed to tackle tough burnt-on food and grime on ceramic or glass cooktops, including induction hobs. 

They typically feature an easy-grip handle and a detachable razor-like blade.  The blade itself can be made from various materials, with metal being the most common for general stovetops.


Can You Use a Hob Scraper on an Induction Hob?

The short answer is yes, you can use a hob scraper on an induction hob – but with caution!

Induction hobs have a smooth glass surface that's more susceptible to scratches than traditional cast iron cooktops.  However, these surfaces can still be damaged by abrasive cleaning tools. Using a standard scraper blade can leave unsightly marks.

Here's where hob scraper design comes in. Many manufacturers offer hob scraper blades specifically designed for induction hobs. 

These blades are often made from a less abrasive material, like a ceramic or plastic composite.  These softer blades are still effective at removing burnt-on food particles without damaging the delicate glass surface.

Here's what to keep in mind when using a scraper on your induction hob:

  • Use the right blade: Not all hob scraper blades are created equal. Opt for a hob scraper specifically designed for induction hobs.
  • Apply gentle pressure: A light touch is key. Let the blade do the work – don't scrub aggressively.
  • Clean the hob first: For best results, loosen any grime with a damp cloth and a hob cleaner before using the scraper. This will minimise the scraping required.
  • Scrape at an angle: Hold the scraper at a slight angle to the cooktop surface and use a gentle motion.


Can You Buy Replacement Blades for a Hob Scraper?

Absolutely!  Most hob scrapers are designed with replaceable blades.  This allows you to keep your scraper fresh and effective for longer. 

Replacement blades are typically sold separately and are often available in packs of varying quantities.  We have a wide range of replacement blades available here.

Remember: When using a hob scraper on your induction hob, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. 

Apply minimal pressure and use a gentle scraping motion to remove the grime.  For everyday cleaning, a damp cloth and hob cleaner are usually sufficient.  Reserve the hob scraper for those stubborn stuck-on messes.

With a little care and the right tools, your induction hob will continue to provide a sleek and functional cooking surface for years to come.

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