Hob scraper cleaning a ceramic hob

How To Use A Hob Scraper

Picture this: You just whipped up a delectable dinner, and you're feeling pretty pleased with yourself. But as you go to clean up, you notice that your once-shining hob on your stove is now coated in a thick layer of burnt-on food and stubborn stains.

It can feel like a nightmare trying to get your stove looking clean and tidy again, but don't fret - help is at hand! A hob scraper is the secret weapon you need to banish those tough stains for good.

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Ex-Pro Ceramic Hob Scraper Cleaning Tool


What is a Hob Scraper?

Before we dive into the details, let's talk about what a hob scraper is. A hob scraper is a handy tool designed to remove tough stains and burnt-on food from your stove's burners and rings.

It typically consists of a handle and a blade made of metal or plastic, with some models featuring a retractable blade for added convenience. This means you can say goodbye to endless scrubbing and hello to a more efficient and effective way of cleaning your ceramic hob.

They're simple to use, too - simply hold the scraper at an angle (30 degrees is best) and, with as smooth a movement as possible, glide over any areas with any burnt-on debris.

Not only that, but your hob scraper is perfect for removing left over adhesive from stickers, melted wax, paint, and so much more, all without scratching your surfaces.


A hob scraper removing tough dried on food


Are Hob Scrapers Safe?

Yes, hob scrapers are generally safe to use, as long as you take a few precautions. Make sure your stove is cool before using a hob scraper and avoid using too much pressure or scraping too hard, as this could damage your hob's surface. Avoid delicate surfaces like wood, and if you're unsure about using a hob scraper, consult your hob’s manual for specific instructions.


So, How Do I Use a Hob Scraper?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a hob scraper:

  • Step 1: Switch the hob off and allow it to cool completely 
  • Step 2: Remove any loose debris from your rings using a soft brush or cloth
  • Step 3: Hold the hob scraper at a slight angle and start scraping away those stubborn stains and burnt-on food
  • Step 4: Wipe away any debris with a soft cloth or paper towel
  • Step 5: If necessary, repeat steps 3 and 4 until your burners or rings are clean


Can You Use a Scraper on an Induction Hob?

Absolutely! You can use a hob scraper on an induction hob but be mindful of the surface. Induction hobs have a glass surface that's more prone to scratches, so use a hob scraper blade specifically designed for induction hobs. These blades are less abrasive and less likely to damage the surface of your stove.

If your looking for tips on keeping your hob shiny and like new, be sure to check out our top 10 tips for keeping your stovetop sparkling clean.


A cleen induction hob fee of burnt on food


Hob Scraper Blades

Finally, let's talk about the different types of hob scraper blades available. Metal blades are more abrasive and perfect for removing stubborn stains and burnt-on food. However, they're not recommended for use on induction hobs or glass surfaces. Plastic blades, on the other hand, are less abrasive and suitable for use on all types of stove surfaces, including induction hobs.



In conclusion, using a hob scraper can be a fast and efficient way to clean your ceramic hob. Remember to take the necessary safety precautions, use gentle pressure, and select the right blade for your stove's surface. With a hob scraper in hand, you'll be ready to tackle any stain that comes your way!

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